Job description:

According to the company's strategy, make the annual sales plan, performance target and profit target;

According to the annual sales plan, lead the sales team to complete the task target; and to monitor the market situation, and perform well in sales and supervision.

Cooperate with the marketing department to carry out the brand research, analysis and positioning

Establish and improve the sales department work flow and system specification;

Establish the annual supporting sales budget and supervise the implementation

Participate in the formulation and implementation of the product price system and promotion

According to the company's brand positioning, actively expand all kinds of effective sales channels and achieve performance growth

Cooperate with marketing department to develop new client.

Cooperate with the marketing department to develop the brand online and offline promotion plan to meet the company's performance objectives

Develop the customer VIP management system, establish effective customer files and customer return visit work plan

Guarantee timely payment collection

Cooperate with marketing department to design and manufacture and deliver brand related brochures, posters, brochures, VIP manual according to the sales requirements.

Assist HR department in the recruitment, training and performance of the sales staff

Not regularly visit, maintain, consolidate with good long-term cooperative relationships like, local government management departments, tourism units, high-end clubs, five Stars Hotels.

To help the marketing department to deal with the crisis of public relations, the reception of customers and customer complaints

Determine the pricing strategies, and access the company’s goal and customer satisfaction

Based on the knowledge of goal establishment, market characteristics, costs and factors of price markup, identify, develop and evaluate the marketing strategies.

Evaluate the operation of the produce development, such as budget, expenditures, R&D funding, investment income, benefits loss prediction

Cooperate with the advertising and operation, explain and guide the sales activities or promote the product and service policies.

Negotiate contracts with the suppliers, and support the marketing strategy by the reasonable semi-finished product supply price

Development of the creative products, specification of the designed products

Use the sales forecasting and strategic plan to ensure the sales and profit of the products and analyze the commercial development and monitor the market trends.

Job description:

To develop the company's brand strategy, business strategy and marketing plan 1, according to the company's marketing strategy planning

Understanding of market trends and development trends, improve the company's market operation system, responsible for the development, management and supervision of regional distributors and key customers

Collect market information, plan brand promotion, channel development and competitive development strategy, and enhance the company's competitiveness.

Be responsible for the formation and training of the company's team and to complete the company's mission objectives.

Establish performance evaluation system business profit margin standard system, the company's annual business objectives management

Implementation of the company's business strategy, operation rules, policies and procedures

Master the operating model of the chain restaurant industry

Implement the company’s business plan effectively

Motivate employees to strive to forge ahead

Provide the services that exceed the customer expectations

Adhere to the health and quality standard

Warm and sincere, hard-working and energetic

Make yourself and others maintain the sense of responsibility

Excellent adaptability and innovation awareness